Roger Waters Rehearses for the ‘Wall’ Tour: Rolling Stone: See Exclusive Images, Shot Backstage at The Izod Center in New Jersey and In a Practice Space on Long Island

Sneak Peek at “the Wall” rehearsals. CLICK HERE.  As these photos show, this show is going to be HUGE in so many ways.   Check the tour dates to see if this must see performance is coming to a city near you.

September 30th, 2010 issue.



  1. It was a rainy Sunday evening at the Izod when the Wall Team gave us the last full dress rehearsal before heading to Toronto to start the tour. Limited number of attendees, was there with my son and his bandmates – all associated through parents, etc with Clair Brothers Audio. Second row, center. Front row reserved for the parents of the Harlem Children’s Choir. Mind blowing performance can speak for itself. An amazing highlight? After the show, GE came out to the floor and talked with anyone who had stayed around – and my son spent ten minutes with him talking about guitar techniques. Thank you, GES – you’ve been an amazing asset to this tour, and your class and accessibility is a testament to the quality person you are.

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