Jorma’s blog “Cracks In The Finish” documents the current Hot Tuna Tour from the inside.

Jorma Kaukonen has been documenting the current Hot Tuna tour on his blog “Cracks In The Finish“. Not only does he list the setlists of every show they play, he posts some really cool photos of the locales that they visit, along with some musings about any adventures they have.  Even if you are not a Hot Tuna fan, it is a good read to see how life in the road really is for a touring band that has been at it for 40 plus years.

Below are a few examples of his photos that have G.E. in them.

ge in roanoke

cracker barrel morning

buffalo two

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  1. the show at sangaamon state springfeild illinois was awsome,great worldclass musicians,and screamin hot jam was a real treat and a bright spot on a dreary march illinois night

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